Thursday, January 24, 2019
Reviews proposed developments and land divisions

The Hot Springs County Planning Office reviews proposed developments and land divisions on private lands within the county. Anyone proposing new construction, or thinking about dividing land, should first contact the Planning Office to determine which County and State regulations may apply. 

The Hot Springs County Land Use Plan is available on the link below. This document describes the County’s review processes for land development. Applications for Land Use Changes, Subdivisions, etc. must be obtained from our office. Determinations of who may qualify for statutory exemptions from the subdivision requirement are also made by this office. 

County Fire Numbers (aka addresses) are coordinated through this office, and applications for Fire Numbers can be obtained there (or downloaded at the link below). Permits for residential septic systems are also reviewed and approved by this office. 

The Planning Office also works closely with state and federal agencies to confirm that their policies are consistent with the County’s Land Use Plan for State and Federal Lands. Anyone interested in reading that document may download it from the link below.