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Clerk of Court
Friendly and eager to assist the needs of the people

The Hot Springs County Clerk of the District Court and staff are friendly and eager to assist the needs of the people of Hot Springs County. If you need help or have questions, please call or visit the office. We are here to serve you.


  • Child Support Collections
  • Disbursements & Maintenance of Case Records
  • Filing of Civil, Criminal, Probate, Guardianship, Juvenile & Adoption cases
  • Information regarding appeals from the lower courts & appeals from this court to the Supreme Court are available.
  • Criminal Fines
  • Fees & Restitution Collection
  • Felony Criminal Background Research, Civil Research & Estate Research
  • Facilitating access &/or copies (for fee) of the records of the Hot Springs County District Court (i.e., access to divorce & other civil records, probate records, criminal records & other public-access records)

Filing Fee Increases
July 1, 2019
Per Wyoming State Statutes

Civil - W.S.S. 5-3-206

Probate - W.S.S. 2-2-401

Please feel free to contact Terri Cornella, Clerk of District Court  with any questions at 307-864-3323 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.OVERVIEW OF FILING FEE EXCEPTIONS and NUANCES FOR CLERKS:

The legislature passed HB 125 in the Winter 2019 legislative general session. The bill updated some, but not all, areas of statutes where filing fees are set. It also had some technical inconsistencies in the few sections it did address. Last, it also had a section making an exception for state agencies until 7/1/20. This resulted in a more varied set of fees than we had previously and the nuances that are described below.

Petitions for District Court Review of Agency Action fees are $110

  • $110

Total fees due to District Court for lower court appeals to District Court remain $85.

  • This payment is submitted to the lower court when the Notice of Appeal is filed there. 
  • The lower court clerk forwards the District Court fee when they notify the District Court that their record is certified as complete.

*Total District Court fees for filing a Notice of Appeal to WY Supreme Court are $85.

  • Second fee payable to WY Supreme Court is still $110.

Passport Application & Assistance

THIS OFFICE NO LONGER processes passport applications.

Visit link below for more information on passports.

People in this area can contact the Worland, WY post office 307-347-3321 or the Riverton, WY  post office at 307-856-3725 to make an appointment for passport photo and application processing.

Pro Se Packets

(i.e., divorce, modification of custody, modification of child support, etc.)

For more information about Pro Se Packets visit:

Click on button above and go to "Self Help Center".

Felony Criminal Background Research, Civil Research & Estate Research

 Requests must be in written form w/payment of $10 per name. Payment arrangements may be made by calling this office.

Clerk of the District Court Staff

Terri Cornella

Terri Cornella

Clerk of the District Court