Thursday, August 22, 2019
Public Health
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The Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Nursing, is seeking a full-time nurse for Hot Springs County, 40 hours a week. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, maternal family health programs, prenatal and postpartum visits, Welcome Home visits, lactation and parenting education, and case management of Children with Special Health Care needs. Additionally, adult and child immunizations, long term care nursing assessments, communicable disease testing, surveillance and follow-up.  Also assist with community wide prevention goals, collaborate with certified prevention specialist, and work with Public Health Emergency Preparedness.
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  • Healthy baby program
  • Pregnant woman home visits
  • Prenatal (birthing) classes
  • Certified lactation consultation
  • Children’s Special Health services
  • Immunizations for children & adults
  • Bicycle helmet program
  • Child safety seat program
  • STI/STD/HIV/Hep C testing & follow-up
  • Satellite Clinics for WIC & Family Planning
  • Rapid strep testing
  • Infectious disease investigation
  • Environmental health hazards
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Emergency Preparedness Outreach
  • Chronic disease prevention, education & management
  • Diabetic education & support program
  • Referral resource

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Tricia McPhie

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Vernon Miller M.D.

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Anita Weisbeck

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