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We want your opinion! Wyoming Region 6 (including Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park, and Washakie counties) is developing a regional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan in 2016 to build community resilience and comply with the federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. The purpose of this short survey is to collect information from the public and stakeholders to better understand the vulnerabilities within the counties as well as solicit input on ideas to mitigate, or reduce, the impacts of natural hazards before they occur again. Please complete this survey by June 30th, 2016. The survey can be accessed by clicking the link below:
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Use this website to get information about our County government, Mapserver, meeting dates or employment opportunities.  If you can`t find the information that you need on our web pages, we`ll be pleased to visit with you in person.  You will also find a wealth of information on the Chamber of Commerce website which is listed on the Hot Springs County Links.  One thing that is definitely worth investigating is our County sponsored prescription plan.  If you are interested in getting your medication at discount rates, visit with the Assessor or go to her webpage. 


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